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Miniature Lamp

We at Eminence Auto Parts have developed a multi-ranging agenda by providing all categories of miniature lamps globally. The miniature lamps feature quite a lot of lighting applications and relevance, thereby withstanding vibrations and road shocks. These bright white lights facilitate lesser maintenance and superior safety measures while driving. It is the one stop destination for all kinds of miniature lamps required for automobiles. Providing complete satisfaction to our clients along with the opportunity of money-saving is our main motto. We are growing our service business by delivering shopper benefits.


Miniature Lamp: 67

We are the leading provider of miniature lamp 67 with BA15S BASE, 13.5V, C-2R Filament Design,, 5,000 Average Rated Hours and 4.0 MSCP. 1.44. This particular product is basically designed for crystal clear, white and bright light. It can also hold out road shock as well as vibration by providing excellent performance. This lamp is made up of a vigorous filament and proprietary mixture of gas.

Miniature Lamp: TD

We are one of the best suppliers of miniature lamps worldwide. Our entire team of experts design miniature lamp TD product precisely with the intension to ensure full satisfaction. This lamp provides long usage life, high stability and wide-angle scanning of numerous motors. Imparting exquisite lightening, this lamp is used in night clubs, theaters, bars and KTV’s.

Miniature Lamp: T-10

We especially at this juncture try our level best to provide our customers with latest and good quality miniature lamps. The T-10 miniature lamp features several lighting applications, thereby withstanding road shocks and vibrations. Providing bright white light, this lamp facilitates lower maintenance and greater safety measures.

Miniature Lamp: T-20

We at Eminence Auto Parts provide top-quality lighting accessories all over the world. You can easily shop for T-20 miniature lamp here. This particular lamp can actually substitute burned out car interior bulbs, automotive tail lights, industrial indicator lights and many more. We provide full satisfaction to our clients with money-saving options to go with any budget.

Miniature Lamp: T-21

We, being a pioneer in the field of lightening accessories are here to provide the best to our patrons. The miniature lamp T-21 is basically a luminous train layout designing. We specialize in these lamps used for model cars, model lampposts, architectural modeling and many more. We are full-fledged engaged in supplying these bulbs to our patrons.

Miniature Lamp: TM

With our consumer service attitude, we at Eminence Auto Parts offer such product that is modified as per their demands. This beautiful sparkling miniature lamp TM provides highintensity shaft of light that makes merchandise seem irresistible. It fits well in all leading lights that are not as much visible. Apart from miniature lamps, We are manufauturers of halogen lamps in Delhi, manufauturers of fuse in Delhi, manufauturers of horns in Delhi, manufauturers of tail and stop lamps in Delhi, manufauturers of head lamp BTO in Delhi

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