Innovating Lighting Solutions


The accomplishment of Eminence Auto Parts is actually reflected in the extensive line of product range and services that cater to the needs of several industries and consumers all over the world. Our businesses shares an imperative attribute in common; we tie together the power of thoughts to really make life much healthier for our acknowledged consumers worldwide.

Eminence Auto Part is one of the leading suppliers of lighting accessories like halogen lamps, head lamps, immature bulbs, tail and stop lamps and fuses. We supply these accessories for automobiles and encompass a widespread comprehensive service network with the main intension to support our product selection. We are providing our patrons with a wide variety of innovative and ground-breaking products for automobile markets.

We are also paying attention to make available the lighting accessories in bulk quantities as well. We are truly committed to provide high-quality safety products for our patron’s satisfaction. We provide you with efficient and durable car accessories with all safety and reliability assessments. Apart from supplying bulk orders, we also pay more and more attention to help out our patrons by responding to all their possible queries and doubts.

Eminence Auto Parts, being a leading supplier of car accessories focuses on the wide-ranging services that include installation, maintenance as well as repair of almost every type of product it offers. The expertise and manpower that we have here are extremely talented and competent enough to fulfill all the requirements of our patrons. The services and facilities that are being provided to our patrons are increasing the demands of our products step by step.

Overall, we offer you with the winning combination of product line that matches with your expectation levels. Anything we do have revolved around our fascination of offering our patrons a cherished and most appreciated product experience.
  • Halogen Lamp
  • Head Lamp BTO
  • Tail Lamp & Stop Lamp
  • Miniature Lamp
  • Fuse