Innovating Lighting Solutions


Eminence is fast emerging as a market leader in the realm of automotive lighting products. This forward looking innovative company is putting all efforts to make you and your family safe with its extensive range of ground breaking products. The company endeavors to produce products which will advantage mankind in the long run.

The automotive lighting industry calls for employment of cutting edge solutions, and that is the forte of people working with Eminence. We strive to change your course of driving for better with our latest variety of international quality lighting solutions. Our lighting solutions are matchless and the customer will get value for money products. Our unique products offer total energy efficiency as well as optimum performance.

You can peruse through our product catalogue in order to get a brief idea of what all we are offering to the customer. Our products are environment friendly and you will not be doing any harm to the environment by using them. So, basically customers enjoy a guilt free pleasure trip with Eminence products. You will get answer to all your queries along with detailed explanation of products which are marketed by Eminence in the catalogue. Nevertheless, in case you still have any questions in mind, you can without any hesitance pour out your mind to the staff.

Our lighting products expand your visibility and are extremely easy to install and use. They have a long life and will render you immense benefits in the long run thus making you a loyal customer and an ardent fan of Eminence product range.

Quality is our motto and we never fail to present hi-end quality to our esteemed clients. Our products are here to stay and you will without any doubt feel proud to be a part of a well known brand like Eminence.
  • Halogen Lamp
  • Head Lamp BTO
  • Tail Lamp & Stop Lamp
  • Miniature Lamp
  • Fuse